1 x ENERCON E103 E2 – 2.3 MW, hub height 138 m


Project plan in the region Karlovy Vary, started in 2011 on the basis of a change of the Land use plan of the municipality Vrbice. It regards an extension of the existing wind farm VTE Vrbice. The wind power plant will be constructed also in the cadastral territory of the municipality Vrbice u Valče. The designed wind power plant is approx. 601 m above sea level.


• 1 x ENERCON E 103 E2/2,35MW, hub height 138 m, rotor diameter 103 m.
• An agreement to enter into a contract was signed with ČEZ Distribuce, a.s. regarding connection of 2.35 MW to the existing line 22 kV at a distance of approx. 4.2 km in the cadastral territory Kostrčany behind the border section switch. The electric power will be fed into the substation Podbořany. A prerequisite is that there will be U/Q regulation.
• Consent of the municipality to the investment plan.
• Own plot of land for construction of the wind power plant.
• EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment – approving opinion.
• Planning permission – expected until 4/2020.
• Building permit – expected until 06/2020.
• Construction of the wind power plant in 2021 after amendment of the Act on supported energy sources.
• Expected yearly power generation approx. 5 800 000 kWh.


The wind power plant will be constructed in 2021.


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