7 x ENERCON E82, power 2 MW, hub height 108 m.


Project plan in Region Ústí. Preparatory works were started after entering into the contract with the Municipality Nepomyšl at the end of the year 2005. The project, which is being prepared, is located in the cadastral territory Nepomyšl, Chmelištná and Dvérce in altitude ranging from 430 m to 470 m above sea level.


7 x ENERCON E82/2MW, hub height 108 m, rotor diameter 82 m. The expected place of connection of power 14 MW is substation 22/110 kV in Podbořany, approx. 6.5 km from the place of the project. Approval of the Municipality Nepomyšl to the investment plan. The project is being prepared on contractually secured plots of land.

In June 2011 EIA was elaborated for this project by RNDr. Procházka. Based on this assessment a proposal was issued for disapproving opinion to the plan „VTE in locality Nepomyšl“. In July 2011 the company WINDENERGIE, s.r.o., having reached an agreement with its partner, the company RESEC, s.r.o., applied for termination of the EIA process for this project.


WF Vrbice – wind power plants of type ENERCON E82, power 2 MW, hub height 105 m. Currently a land use proceeding is being conducted for this project.