7 x ENERCON E 92, power 2.35 MW, hub height 138 m.


Project plan in the region Karlovy Vary. After completion of the project “Wind Farm Jindřichovice – Stará” and on the basis of good relationships and experience acquired during designing and construction of this wind farm a contract was entered into with the Municipality Jindřichovice regarding extension of this plan. Several proposals of a new project plan were submitted to the Municipality Jindřichovice in the first stage. After consultations with the Municipality Jindřichovice, with the Environmental Section of the Regional Authority in Karlovy Vary and with the Environmental Section in Kraslice a project was chosen for 7 wind power plants. Works on the project were started after entering into the contract on cooperation with the municipality Jindřichovice v Krušných horách at the end of 2010. The project plan is located in the cadastral territory of Jindřichovice v Krušných horách in altitude ranging approx. from 680 m to 736 m above sea level. The company WINDRO s.r.o. was founded for this project.


  • 7 x ENERCON E 92/2.35 MW, hub height 138 m, rotor diameter 92 m. The approval of the municipality to the investment plan. The wind power plants will be constructed on rented plots of land, a consent of owners of the plots of land to the easement regarding laying of cables is available.
  • On 18 June 2013 a joint “land use and constructional proceeding” was started for the Wind Farm Jindřichovice II. On 29 July 2013 “Public hearing” of this plan will take place.
  • Legally effective building permit was issued on 6 June 2014.
  • On 1 March 2016 constructional works were started on an access road to wind power plants No. 4 – No. 7.
  • In 2018 the company WINDRO s.r.o. and also the project „WF Jindřichovice II.“ were sold to the company MICRONICX, spol. s r.o.
  • No later than in 2018 a change of the construction was made before completion and the reason was a change of the technology of the wind power plants. The subsidiary of the company MICRONIX, the company SYNERGION ALFA CZ, s.r.o., preferred the type VESTAS V 110, power 2.26 MW, hub height 125 m and rotor diameter 110 m.
  • In June 2019 the construction was put into trial operation.


WF Jindřichovice – Stará – wind power plants of type ENERCON E 82 E-2, power 2.3 MW, hub height 108 m.


In June 2019 the construction was put into trial operation.