The company WINDENERGIE, s.r.o. prepares wind farm projects in the Czech Republic. These are prepared on own plots of land (approx. 270 ha) or on plots of land secured by contracts with their owners (approx. 2000 ha). Several projects are prepared by WINDENERGIE, s.r.o. with its partners, companies Drobil stavitelství s.r.o., MICRONIX, spol. s r.o., SYNERGION ALFA, s.r.o. and the like.

In 2010 the company WINDENERGIE, s.r.o. built two projects and put them into operation, namely VTE Stará with total power of 9.2 MW and VTE Vrbice with power of 4.6 MW, which are currently operated by the company very successfully.

In 2014 the company received a building permit for the project WF Jindřichovice II. for 7 wind power plants with total power of 16.6 MW, which the company prepared for its subsidiary WINDRO s.r.o. In 2018 the company WINDRO s.r.o. and also the project of the WF Jindřichovice II. were sold to the company MICRONIX, which subsequently transferred a part of the enterprise WINDRO s.r.o. to its subsidiary SYNERGION ALFA CZ s.r.o., which built this project and which has been in trial operation since June 2019.

VP Jindřichovice II


WINDENERGIE, s.r.o. uses wind power facilities in its projects with rated power ranging from 2000 kW to 4.2 MW. The company included in its offer also producers, whose facilities, in the opinion of the company, meet harsh weather conditions in the Ore Mountains as well as milder conditions in inland. At the same time these facilities offer top values in electricity generation, operation reliability and cooperation with power grid. In its projects the company WINDENERGIE, s.r.o. prefers mainly wind power plants from the German producer, company ENERCON GmbH, however other producers with good technology are not overseen in its projects either.