6 x ENERCON E 101, power 3 MW, hub height 135 m.


Project plan in the region Karlovy Vary. After completion of the projects “Wind Farm Jindřichovice – Stará” and “Wind Farm Vrbice” and on the basis of good relationships and experience acquired during designing and construction of these wind farms we searched for another suitable locality with the bodies active during negotiations about such project plants. In 2010 “Principles of territorial development of the region Karlovy Vary” were approved, among others areas with potentially or conditionally possible localisation of wind power plants were approved in these Principles.

Based on such information we selected a locality in the cadastral territory of the Municipality Krásné Údolí. In June we addressed the Municipality Krásné Údolí and we handed over an offer to enter into an agreement on cooperation in designing and construction of wind power plants in their cadastral territory. The submitted proposal was discussed by the council and submitted to citizens of the municipality to take a standpoint. Subsequently a trip to the Wind Farms in Jindřichovice and in Vrbice, which are constructed and operated by us, was organised for interested persons from the Municipality Krásné Údolí. After acquisition of information and after own observations of the wind power plants no objections were raised by the citizens of the Municipality Krásné Údolí against the project plan.
In October 2011 the council of the Municipality Krásné Údolí approved unanimously the project plan for construction of max. 6 wind power plants in their cadastral territory and the municipality mayor was authorised to enter into a contract with the company WINDENERGIE, s.r.o.

On 2 October 2012 the EIA documentation, which was elaborated according to Annex No. 3 to Act No. 100/2001 Sb., was submitted to the Regional Authority of Region Karlovy Vary and a screening proceeding was commenced regarding the plan classified in category II. under section 7 of Act No. 100/2001 Sb.

Simultaneously with the commencement of the EIA process the change of the Land use plan of the Municipality Krásné Údolí was started. Due to the proximity of the sports airport Přílezy, the protection zones of which reached as far as the wind power plants, no approval was issued by the Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Industry and Trade regarding the change of the Land use plan of the municipality for construction of the wind power plants. Based on this standpoint the works on the project were stopped.


6 x ENERCON E 101/3 MW, hub height 135 m, rotor diameter 101 m. The approval of the municipality to the investment plan is positive. The wind power plants will be constructed on rented plots of land, a consent of owners of the plots of land to the easement regarding laying of cables is available. EIA – (Environmental Impact Assessment) will be submitted to the Environmental Section of the Regional Authority in Karlovy Vary until end of January 2012.

The power plants will be located in altitude ranging from 660 m to 670 m above sea level.

Based on the evaluation of the localities Jindřichovice and Vrbice with reference facilities it was decided to perform wind measurements in this locality. Yearlong wind measurements were performed by the company RESEC s.r.o. from 23 March 2012 to 21 April 2013. Based on the evaluation of these measurements, the expected average wind speed for the given type of wind power plants amounts to 6.57 m/s.


VP Jindřichovice – Stará – wind power plants of type ENERCON E 82 E-2, power 2.3 MW, hub height 108 m.

VP Vrbice – wind power plants of type ENERCON E 82 E-2, power 2.3 MW, hub height 98 m.