We offer a professional approach to preparing and implementing projects in the field of renewable energy sources. The financially and organizationally demanding process for you as an experienced and reliable partner assumes Windenergie, Ltd. We offer extensive services in the field of RES. This is as technical and business management, promotion planning and design in all phases of project development, detailed plan optimal configuration of windpark, including turnkey construction.

– Selection of habitats with regard to:
• Protection of adjacent land
• Nature Conservation
• Landscape character
• Infrastructure
• Conditions for connection to the electricity network
– Negotiations with landowners and communities
– Provision of land for construction and infrastructure

• Optimization of wind park
• Calculation of yield and selection of measurement techniques
• EIA – environmental studies
• The noise and stroboscopic study – testimonials
• Design
• Authorization process and construction schedule
• Electrical Engineering
• Competitions
• Construction Supervision

• The construction of “turnkey” from individual wind installations to large wind parks

• Technical operations management and wind parks operation
• Technical Administration

• The management – agency
• General Meeting
• Optimization and economy

• Advising on the financial plan
• Create Project Brochures
• Applications for loans and grants
• Negotiations with banks and other financial institutions
• Foundation Funds


The resulting field of average wind speed in m / s at 100 m